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wireless any audio device

Upgrade your headset/CD/TAPE/MP3 player with wireless connectivity.


carry to anywhere

Tiny & super light weight 

built-in clip design


low latency

reduce 75% latency compare traditional bluetooth

Introducing Auracast™ with VOCE


Bluetooth broadcast audio will deliver life-changing wireless audio experience that will enhance the way  you engage with any others audio sources around you.

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Built-In Microphone

VOCE has a built-in high-performance microphone, which can easily complete single-person recording needs (podcast/vlog/live stream). In the future, as long as your headphones/hearing aids support Auracast™, they will also be perfectly compatible.

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Transmitter / Receiver
2 in 1 device

Users can easily switch your VOCE as a transmitting or receiving device according to their own needs. An unlimited number of in-range Auracast™ receivers will be able to join an Auracast™ broadcast from a nearby Auracast™ transmitter.

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AUX & USB Audio
external microphone

Whether it is an analog or USB audio signal, VOCE can fully support your needs. It is very simple to create your own Auracast™ audio scene.

VOCE also supports TRRS external microphone input.


Unlimited Receivers 
in the coverage area


Provide a nice choice for wireless microphone


Compact Design and both digital & analog audio interface support 

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