Most Compact

Streaming Player

for your 

Classic Audio System 



Instant play your Spotify / TIDAL / TuneIn list

Listening your favor song list even without your phone just that easy. Preset Key is able to store 6 list of your favor Spotify / TIDAL song list or TuneIn station. 


Easy Wireless Streaming Experience

802.11 b/g/n WiFi + Bluetooth 5.0 aptX connectivity support for all you want and easy to use. 

Multiple Digital Sample Rate Output

 44.1K / 96K / 192K all by 24bit level output via Optical & Coaxial connect to your audio system

* Digital Version Only

384K DAC Built-In

drive awesome quality

Up to 384K/24bit DAC could provide super low-noise and high quality listening experience which power by cirrus logic / CS43130 

* Analog Version Only

Cover most popular music platform that you need....

384K DAC inside

Super high performance DAC (CS43130)  inside TuneBox3 bring excellent audio quality to reinvent your imagination. 

* Only for Analog Version TuneBox3 !!

Make audio system smarter than ever

 Each TuneBox3 has a preset button to remember your favor song list and network station. Even without your phone. 

* Only support "Spotify Connect"', "Tidal"', "TuneIn"

Multiple Sample Rate Output

TuneBox3 support 44.1K / 96k / 192K by 24bit level digital audio source output via Toslink & Coaxial  simultaneously. 

* Only for Digital Version TuneBox3!!


“I've even compared it to a Naim streamer and it's really that good.”



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