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Audio sharing with multi-device 

Any traditional music players (CD/iPod/TAPE), VOCE can easily upgrade these devices to enable wireless playback function. To enjoy new Auracast™ technology, it's so easy.


Recording a great audio with your portable device

Today, the camera system of smartphone has ability to take high quality video anytime, but to record a great sound in the video, it is not as easy as you think! VOCE supports built-in/external microphones, and Analog audio input which flexible design can be matched with various audio equipment. The USB recording interface makes it easy for your mobile device to record a great sound for you.

By leverage Auracast™ technology, it also can enhance the ability to any existing microphone system.


DJ Party & Public Event 

You have a DJ party in the city, you can quickly create a broadcast area that supports Auracast™ wireless audio through VOCE. Whether you have headphones or speakers, you will get the most suitable volume for everyone. Don't worry about disturbing your neighbors with loud volume.

In addition, exhibitions, outdoor performers, speech occasions, etc., will improve the user experience due to the introduction of Auracast™ technology.


E-Learning & Meeting Note 

Using VOCE's excellent USB recording function, you can easily complete remote recording. It can also be used with verbatim script software to improve the accuracy of semantic recognition at the same time. Smart E-learning and course/meeting note efficiency will up to another level.


Assistive listening system

VOCE also has excellent performance in assisting people with mild hearing loss/ difficulty in hearing. Using the Auracast™ system, a teacher can communicate with multiple students at the same time with only one VOCE. For special children, they can also focus on their studies. Low latency, high sound quality, and low power consumption can meet the needs of a full day of class.

Double Pack (4VOCE + 2 Dongle)

  • VOCE * 4

    LE Dongle * 2 (color random)

    Leather Case * 1

    TypeC Adapter Connector * 1

    3.5mm TRS cable * 2 

    Power Cable * 2 

    User Manual * 1

  • Model: MB-A10

    Bluetooth Version : V5.2

    Codec : LC3 / AAC / SBC

    Output Power: 30mW @32Ω

    Weight : 10g

    Dimension: 26mm x 47mm x 10mm

    Coverage Range : 30M (line of sight)

    Bettery & Charing Time: 150mA / 2hrs

    Play time: TX@7hurs / RX@22hurs

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